Winery Stobi, Veles


Set in the heart of Macedonia’s wine country, Stobi Winery offers the visitors a unique opportunity to taste the drink of gods made with state-of-the-art technology, while immersing themselves in the culture of ancient civilizations found in the nearby archeological site Stobi. Less than an hour away from the capital Skopje, the Winery can easily be reached by taking the exit to Gradsko from the Corridor 10 Highway. Visit the Winery for an exquisite wine-and-dine experience, an individual or a corporate tour of the spectacular barrique hall, have a private tasting or a class in food and wine pairing, and enjoy the chance to meet in person our Master Winemaker, Hermes.

The best grapes deserves only the best. Only with combination of knowledge, experience transmitted through generations, modern technology and lots of love and passion the best and tastiest wine can be createed, wine which arouses passion for life. Young in years, experienced in knowledge. Stobi winery is the newest and most modernly designed Macedonian winery, located in the municipality of Gradsko, next to the ancient site Stobi, where it gets its name from. The wisdom and experience of the first inhabitants transferred from time immemorial until today are reflected in perfect harmony with the modern technology and the knowledge.

Our aim is sole and not modest at all - we are committed to creating wines of superb and impeccable quality. Wines that are unique enough to satisfy the most selective tastes, and so simple for anyone to desire them. Therefore, we provide the best conditions for achieving that goal.

Because the process of winemaking is a complex and a sensitive one that does not tolerate even the slightest mistake, we work according to most contemporary standards prescribed by the European Union. Starting from the cultivation and maintenance of the vineyards, through the distribution of grapes to the winery, until the final process of manufacturing and filling, we apply the latest technological advancements in the overall process and all the steps of production.

In order to maintain and preserve the quality of the grapes, we nurture it with the most modern methods in agriculture and we strictly control the fertility and the yield. We cut out every vine correctly and accurately to match the growth and maturation. During the maturation of the vines, we monitor the growth of all bunches, because we know that every grain of grape is important for the uniqueness and the splendour of the taste of the Stobi wines. Then, only the best grapes  from the plantations, through a process of perfectly controlled system, in the peak of its maturity, arrives in the most modern winery in the country and beyond. This contributes for Stobi winery to produce wines that are clean and non-contaminated concerning pesticides, heavy metals, residues and contaminants. The use of SO2 is 30 to 50% lower compared to the average. Therefore, the pleasure in these wines does not cause any headaches, but just pleasant bliss.

The result of all this attention, knowledge and expertise are 4.5 million litres of high quality Macedonian wine per year, allocated among four categories – Premium, Elite, Classic and Traditional.

And since the end crowns the work, bottles and corks with top and controlled quality are used for the wines of Stobi, which ensure complete preservation of the rich and sumptuous flavours and aromas of each wine.

High quality wines whose quality will never surprise you emerge from our winery . But, what will always surprise you is its realistic price available for everyone. This is because of our philosophy that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy premium wine. For us there are no cheap and expensive wines, there are only premium wines which are for truthful consumers. In the nearest store or at your favourite restaurant, the unique Stobi wines are always at your hand.

The first step in getting top wine quality is the quality of the wine grapes. In order to ensure top quality, production is based exclusively on grapes grown on our own vineyards, which extend over an area of 600 hectares and include white varieties such as Zhilavka, Zhupljanka, Rkaciteli, Rheinland Riesling, Italian Riesling, Chardonnay, Muscat Ottonel and red varieties such as Pinot Noir, Vranec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Frank, Shiraz, Petit Verdot etc.