Winery Bovin, Negotino


Established in 1998, as the first privately owned winery in Macedonia, BOVIN Winery in Negotino has continually grown to reach an overall annual output of one million bottles of wine.  Under the direction of the Winery’s professional management team this ambitious objective was reached in 2001.  BOVIN’S quality driven strategy of targeting the domestic market’s high-end consumers has paid the dividend of increasing exports by a factor of ten.  BOVIN wines are now found in Europe, North America and Asia.

Bovin owns 60 hectares of prime vineyards in Tikvesh wine district.  The Tikvesh district has approximately 11,000 ha of grapes, which represents about one third of the total vineyard area of Macedonia.  It is the driest area of Balkan Peninsula with a total annual temperature of 5300ºC - 5500ºC and rainfall of 500-600 liters per square meter.  The maximum daily temperature during July and August is regularly around 40ºC.  With a deep plowing layer, the rich soils supply the grapes with a constant supply of water.  Gentile North winds provide a natural protection from cryptogrammic diseases.

BOVIN's wines are produced from grapes picked from selected vineyards that are not irrigated and use environmentally friendly vineyard practices.  This, coupled with carefully controlled fermentation and modern production equipment, make these wines among the most exclusive and highly valued wines in the Republic of Macedonia.  The white wines produced by Bovin are Sauvignon Blanc, Rhein Riesling, Chardonnay, Symphony and Muscat Frontignan, and the red wines are varietals Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Vranec and the proprietary blends Venus, Alexandar, Dissan, Daron and Premier, and a rosé wine Hermes.

BOVIN has won several regional and international awards that show the quality of the wines.  The winery’s most important achievements include the awards won at the 2000 "Food and Wine" Fair in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the Pinot Noir was proclaimed absolute winner-Grand Prix in competition with wines from around the globe.  In 2002, 2003 and 2004 BOVIN Chardonnay back to back Bronze medals at the ”Chardonnay of the World” competition held at Ravatys Castle in Burgundy.  BOVIN has been honored with 67 medals in Macedonia’s premiere competition, AgroExpo (Skomesa) Skopje, including the most valuable prize – CHAMPION, for the last 7 years