Wine tour Macedonia


Creating the ultimate Macedonian experience - Essences and emotions

Wine culture takes a central role in Macedonia since Roman times, when the ruling emperors favored its grapes. Thanks to an abundance of sunshine, Mediterranean and continental breezes and rich rocky soil, wine grapes thrive in Macedonia. They are so ubiquitous that many families make their own stash. St. Trifun, the patron saint of wine and winemaking, is celebrated on Feb. 14, when growers start pruning their wines. As The New York Times wrote, “Macedonia’s best face is outside its cities, where snowcapped mountains, picturesque lakes and villages hidden in steep valleys evoke a lost kingdom.” We take you from Skopje to the valley of wines in Macedonia. Starting point, Tikves winery.

Duration: 3 days

A day in the Tikves winery

“As early as in Roman times, a tradition in Macedonia was flourishing - a tradition to craft enchantingly powerful wines exhibiting the scent of the south, having a symphonic flavor and epitomizing the joyfulness of Macedonians. Tikveš Winery is one of the most important creators of this tradition.” Wine tasting, the use of the senses of sight, smell and taste guided by Tikves enolog  combined with the traditional cuisine is a must in this region.

A day in Popova kula winery

Mr. Trajkov modeled Popova Kula after the vineyards he saw in California’s wine country. He built his winery in the Tikves Valley, Macedonia’s wine belt, huddled around the Vardar River, which bisects the country north to south. Demir Kapija, a town at the center of the wine country, is roughly halfway between Belgrade and Athens. Wine and dine on the balcony overlooking the vineyard’s 17 acres of grapevines with sun-dappled mountains in the distance. Popova Kula had the nicest accommodations of any of the half-dozen vineyards I saw, and a beautiful tower above the hotel with a 360-degree view of the valley.

A day in Demir Kapija

Demir Kapija is an outdoors haven for sports and recreational activities. Mountaineers often enjoy hiking the area for their favorite tea plants. Formerly, the national and regional Kayak competitions were held here because of the natural rapids formed by the river into the canyon. Alpinists climb the rock towers to see the most impressive view of the canyon beyond. Trails are also made to hike to these points, as well as to the remains of the aforementioned ruins of the fortress Prosek. Possibly the most interesting hike, noted in The Bradt Guide to Macedonia, is the stopping point between the 2 tunnels on the highway. Parking exists, and it is very interesting walking along the small river between 2 rock faces, like an open-ended cave to some unique Turkish Villages.

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