Valandovo weekend tour

Valandovo weekend tour 

Valandovo is a city in the southeastern part of Macedonia. Many things in Valandovo make it an attraction for the tourists.

For a weekend tour we can suggest the following:

1st day (Friday)

Departure time from Skopje to Valandovo by bus:

-Suggested departure: 15:00h – arrival 17:05h

 One way ticket is around 380den. / 6eur


By cab:

-One way ticket is around 3700 denars/60 EUR.

-Cab (60den. / 1eur) from the bus station to (suggested accommodation):R.C.” Izvor” http://www.rcizvor.mk/

Time for rest and lunch at the hotel

-19h visit of the Valandovo downtown 

2nd day (Saturday)

Visit the old plane trees at “Izvor"(Spring) which are located at just 5-10minutes walking distance from the hotel (specific directions can be provided by the hotel staff).

 “These big hollow plane trees are growing at this picnic place called “Izvor”, along the road from Valandovo to the Monastery of St George. These trees are located near the several small springs/taps. The spring next to the big hollow plane tree is dedicated to Saints Petar and Pavle (Peter and Paul).”

source: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/225705/?pageNum=2 

Visit the monastery of St Gjorgi which can easily be reached just by going up along the Izvor springs and the picnic place mentioned previously with some old hollow plane trees. 

“According to a sign in the church, the Monastery of St George dates back until 1344. The present church was built in 1931 after an earthquake on the remnants of the old church.  In 1934 the iconostasis was consecrated together with the new church. The Turkish writer Evlija Celebija (1611-1682) wrote in the 17th century about the monastery and mentioned iron gates on the eastern side.”

Source: http://members.virtualtourist.com

3th day (Sunday)

Visiting the archeological site Isar Marvinci which is located outside Valandovo, near the village Marvinci.Isar Marvinci is considered one of the most significant archeological sites in Macedonia. 
It is assumed that this place was one of the ancient cities called Dober or Idomena, based on a signpost that was found which mentions these two cities and the distances between them.Findings date from the early iron age (1200 BC) through the early antiquity, the Macedonian-Hellenistic and Roman periods, ending with the late antiquity, encompassing a period of 15 centuries.In its own time, the city was the principal social and economic center in the area around the midstream of the Vardar River.The city covers an area of 10 hectares, while the necropolis is much wider, covering an area of 100 hectares.The most recognizable artifact that was found on the site is the architrave beam bearing the inscription "МАКЕДОНИАРХ", a copy of which has been placed in front of the seat of the government of Macedonia, as a symbol and witness of the historical past of Macedonia. "Makedoniarh" was a nobleman who restored the temple in honor of Commodus. See the picture. 

Source: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/225709/?pageNum=2 

 Source: http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/225709/?pageNum=2

Departure from Valandovo to Skopje: (Sunday)

-Because the only bus going to Skopje is at 06:35h in the morning, we suggest going back to Skopje by cab.

The price for one way is more or less 3700 denars/60 EUR.

We recommended:

ABC Logistica

Mob: +389 78 504 500 Tel: +389 2 6143 900

Go with a car or rent a carIf you'd like to explore the land during your travel to Valandovo you can go with a car or rent a car. Distance between Skopje and Valandovo is around 140 km.

For rent a car we recommended:

ABC Logistica

Mob: +389 78 504 500 Tel: +389 2 6143 900
MIDA Rent a car

Tel: +398 2 3292 888 / +389 2 3139 491

Map: Skopje-Valandovo