Taverna Momir

Taverna "MoMir"

A place of traditional food, relax and great landscape

If you want some traditional Macedonian cuisine, live old Macedonian folk music during a weekend evening, efficient and friendly service, you are on the right place. Not only the evenings, you can be satisfied with enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of our restaurant, with a beautiful view of the Ohrid Lake, also you can enjoy yourself during the day in this great place. The staff are well-trained, polite and efficient. You don't wait long for your meal and food is excellent: fresh off the stove, well-prepared, delicious and served with a lot refinement and elegance. You can dried out a little in front of the fire, had a couple beers and an excellent dinner. Great food, service and feeling!We want to ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. To thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them.

For reservation:
Tel./Fax.:++389 46 262 117
Mob.:++389 70 331 223


Kosta Abras br. 3
6000 Ohrid, Macedonia