Skopje Aqueduct

Skopje Aqueduct

The Aqueduct is located in the village of Vizbegovo in the northwestern part of Skopje, about 2.5 km to the right of the Skopje-Kachanik road. It is a part of a water-supply system with a length of about 10.0-10.5km from the piping at the Lavovac spring, between the villages Gluovo and Brazda, all the way to the Upper Town of Skopje Fortress-Kale.The Skopje Aqueduct is the only aqueduct in Macedonia, and one of three largest and well preserved in the former Yugoslavia along with Diocletianus Aqueduct near Split, Croatia and Bar Aqueduct in Montenegro.
Considering the period of its construction there are several hypotheses:

-during the reign of Rome (1st century), according to this theory Aqueduct has led the water to Legionary settlement Scupi

-during the reign of Byzantine Empire (reign of Emperor Justinian I), according to this theory, Aqueduct shipping water to new settlement Justiniana Prima.

-during the reign of Ottoman Empire, according to this theory Aqueduct is built in 16th century for a large number of Turkish public hamams.

The Aqueduct has 2 access ramparts, 53 pillars, 54 base vaults and 42 smaller vaults on the closed and open discharging openings above the pillars. The overall length of the Aqueduct is 387.98m, at an elevation of 279.46m of the southern rampart and 280.48m of the northern rampart, or a delevelling of 1,025m. 

Some repairs of the Aqueduct were made in the period 1884-1888 which can be deducted from the dimensions of the used brick. Dating from the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th century are all renewed vaults with refracted or other deformed shape, made with bricks with a more recent size. At the end of the southern ramp, probably in 1905, was built a concrete fountain, which functioned until 1914. After the Second World War, in order to demonstrate mining of bridge vaults, three vaults were mined and demolished, while two pillars were partially damaged. The renewal had been made with refracted vaults, instead of semicircular ones, alike all other original semicircular basic and secondary vaults.


Travel with a bus

If you considering to go with a bus you should get bus line number 18 from the Skopje's JSP(Public transport enterprise) main bus station to the village Vizbegovo. Price for one way ticket is only 35den./0.57 EUR.

Time of departure from Skopje to Vizbegovo:

From JSP's main bus station:
5:30 / 6:30 / 7:30 / 8:35 / 9:45 / 10:55 / 12:10 / 13:25 / 14:35 / 15:45 / 16:55 / 18:05 / 19:15 / 20:20 / 21:40 / 22:40

Time of departure from Vizbegovo to Skopje:

5:00 / 6:00 / 7:00 / 8:00 / 9:10 / 10:20 / 11:30 / 12:50 / 14:00 / 15:10 / 16:15 / 17:30 / 18:40 / 19:50 / 21:00 / 22:10

Note: If you considering travelling on weekend and holidays please contact the bus station for any changes of the lines.

Travel by train

There is no train line to the village.

Travel with taxi

If you are not comfortable to travel by bus, you can always get a taxi. The price for one way is more or less 200denars / 3.25EUR.

We recommended:

ABC Logistica
Mob: +389 78 504 500
Tel: +389 2 6143 900

Go with a car or rent a car

If you'd like to explore the land during your travel to you can go with a car or rent a car. Distance between Skopje downtown and village Vizbegovo is about 2.5 km.

For rent a car we recommended:

ABC Logistica
Mob: +389 78 504 500
Tel: +389 2 6143 900

MIDA Rent-a-car
Office 2 (Airport Alexander the Great)
Tel/Fax + 389 22 56 10 10
24 hour service phones
Mob.1: 070 256 433
Mob.2: 071 223 042
Mob.3: 070 366 958