Restaurant Biljanini Izvori

Restaurant "Biljanini Izvori"

Located near the most famous and most sang symbols of Ohrid, Biljanini Izvori (Biljana springs), Restaurant Biljanini Izvori offers traditional macedonian and international cuisine. Feel the unique ambience below the arms of the Ohrid tree ''Cinar'' and the cold spring water and taste the wine with tradition, fruit from the grapes of macedonian sun, made for enjoyment, pleasure and friendship. Restaurant Biljanini Izvori has capacity of 100 seats inside the restaurant and 300 seats on the terrace.

Restaurant Biljanini Izvori is the perfect place to try the excellent Macedonian and International Cuisine, visit the traditional Biljana springs and feel the beautiful nature surroundings. Located only 1 km from the very center of the town, on the famous Biljana springs, the restaurant gives you an opportunity to enjoy special romance. It has capacity of 100 seats inside and nearly 400 outside on the terrace. Recently, we have restaurated one of the oldest wooden boats in town, which was used for the lake researching 80 years ago. Now the 11 meters renewed caravel is the biggest model ship in Macedonia that stands out of the water as a part of the restaurant and decorates the whole ambience. Go ahead, take a photo with the pirate boat and have a couple of beers on board.

For reservation: 
Tel: +389 46 266 816

Restoran Biljanini izvori

Address: Naum Ohridski b.b. 6000 Ohrid
Tel: + 389 ( 0) 46 266 816
Tel/fax : + 389 (0) 46 265 628
Email : biljaniniizvori@t-home.mk