Millennium Cross

The Millennium Cross (Macedonian: Милениумски крст, Latinic: Mileniumski krst) is a 66 metre-high cross situated on the top of the Vodno Mountain in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. It was constructed to serve as a memorial of 2,000 years of Christianity in Macedonia and the world. The construction of the cross began in 2002 and was funded by the Macedonian Orthodox Church, the Macedonian government and donations from Macedonians from all over the world. The cross was built on the highest point of the Vodno mountain on a place known since the time of the Ottoman Empire as "Krstovar", meaning "Place of the cross", as there was a smaller cross situated there. On 8 September 2008, the independence day of the Republic of Macedonia, an elevator was installed inside the cross. In 2009, a restaurant and a souvenir shop were opened next to the cross. In 2011 the Millennium Cross ropeway was opened. The ropeway is three and a half km long. At night the cross shines down over the city.

Travel with a bus

If you considering to go with a bus you should get bus line “Millenium cross” from the Skopje's JSP(Public transport enterprise) main bus station to the Middle Vodno ( “Средно Водно” ). Price for one way ticket is only 50 den../0.81 EUR.

Time of departure from Skopje to Middle Vodno:

From JSP's main bus station:  / 8:20 / 09:20/ 10:20 / 11:20/ 12:20 / 13:20 / 14:20 / 15:20 / 

Time of departure from to Middle Vodno to Skopje:

From Middle Vodno to Skopje:  9:40/ 10:40/ 11:40/ 12:40/ 13:40/ 14:40/ 15:40/ 17:00

Travel with taxi

If you are not comfortable to travel by bus, you can always get a taxi. The price for one way is  250-300denars / 4.1 - 4.9EUR.

We recommended:

ABC Logistica
Mob: +389 78 504 500
Tel: +389 2 6143 900

Go with a car or rent a car

If you'd like to explore the land during your travel to you can go with a car or rent a car. Distance between Skopje downtown and Millennium cross is 13 km.

For rent a car we recommended:

ABC Logistica
Mob: +389 78 504 500
Tel: +389 2 6143 900

MIDA Rent-a-car
Office 2 (Airport Alexander the Great)
Tel/Fax + 389 22 56 10 10
24 hour service phones
Mob.1: 070 256 433
Mob.2: 071 223 042
Mob.3: 070 366 958