Macedonian ethno edu tour


Lecture about Macedonian traditional food, ingredients and the customs related to the holidays that Macedonians celebrate as well as presentation of Macedonian traditional specialties (zelnik, ajvar, sarma, tavce-gravce, etc), traditional desserts, decorations and serving.

Tasting of traditional dishes and specialties

Gourmet cooking class and cooking competition 

Dinner accompanied with Macedonian traditional folklore music

Announcing Best Dish Winner and awarding participants


Adriana Alacki, author of the best Macedonian Traditional Cookbook and the culinary TV show “The Taste of the Tradition”;


Visiting Macedonian megalithic observatory “Kokino” 

Walking tour and sightseeing in Bitola

•Macedonian traditional music - Lecture about Macedonian music, rhythms, melodies, presentation of variety of Macedonian traditional instruments like kaval (end-blown flute) , gajda (bagpipe), tambura (long-necked fretted lute), tapan (drum)

Workshop - learning Macedonian songs, rhythms and lyrics (each participant takes part and plays an instrument or sings)

Mini concert performance by the musicians (part of Dragan Dautovski Quartet)

Ethno party


Ratko Dautovski and Bajsa Arifovska –exceptional multi-instrumentalists, members of Dragan Dautovski Quartet, internationally acknowledged;

DAY 3: 

Presentation of Macedonian filigree and filigree making (The participants are going to see an exhibition of original pieces of jewelry created using the traditional filigree technique, have a conversation with the artist at her atelier and to see on the spot how the filigree is made and are going to take part in the process of creation)

Exhibition of Macedonian traditional clothes

Macedonian Traditional Dance Workshop (All the participantsare going to learn the steps of certain Macedonian dance, be taught a choreography and are going to have a mini concert together with traditional clothes and jewelry, video recorded and photographed)

Concert of OTEX ensemble

Formal presentation of certificates for all the participants


Marta Pejoska - traditional filigree artist and architect;
OTEX ensemble - one of the most internationally recognized folk dance ensembles from Macedonia;

DAY 4: 

Walking tour and sightseeing in Ohrid

Visiting Church "St. John of Kaneo" 

Boat tour on Ohrid Lake and visiting Monastery "St. Naum"