Gabrovo Waterfall

Gabrovo Waterfall

In the underarms of the Belasica Mountain, hidden from the public eyes the Gabrovo Waterfall is situated. The location of the waterfall is right across the village of Gabrovo, after which the name of the waterfall was given, and 15 kilometers form the city of Strumica. On distance of one kilometer there are three smaller waterfalls, high from 4 to 8 metres, and their clean ice cold water flows out through the large and spread beech trees. The slap of the highest waterfall flows in to the middle waterfall, and the middle flows in to the smallest waterfall and together the water flows through the last house in the village Gabrovo. The crossing of the waterfall and the fall of the water form one to onother is the reason that makes this landmark so attractive, interesting and different form the other two famous waterfalls in the region.Many tourists have found their escape in the wild nature, but the bravest and the adventurous ones can climb through the tightly and sharp rise of the paths that entwine the mysterious Belasica mountain. In this untouched idyll you can only hear the babbling of the water falling and the singing of the birds.

The waterfalls are so magnificent and mysterious, that you will get the impression that they dictate the life of the mountain.Gabrovo is a village with traditional Macedonian houses typical for the underbelasica region. The nature is wild and unique, like the time stopped in this village. The villagers say that a little is missed for this village to become the number one tourist destination not only for the tourist form Macedonia but for the ones out of the state. They hope that this will be the beginning of a beautiful story for which none has heard, a story for a lost paradise that holds place in the middle of a century beech wood, for the untouchable heaven on Belasica for which is to be heard from now on.

The village of Gabrovo is one location that is inescapable for the tourist eye and offers great opportunities for country tourism.Besides the far known first waterfall now the second and the third one are accessible for the tourists, as result of the Municipality of Strumica’s project for Equipping and reconstruction of the Gabrovo waterfall. This locality now offers 5 villas for barbeque of snacks , sitting desks and tables, trash cans, stone marked paths and three bridges that give an easier accesses to the last and the most beautiful waterfall. For the opportunity to make the visit unforgettable between the second and the third waterfall there is the Gabrovo Cave that still is an enigma for the population in the village. Municipality of Strumica does not stop here, but will go on with the education of the population of the village for attracting even more and more tourist on local level, national and international level.

Travel by bus

If you are considering to go by bus you have a dozen of bus lines between Skopje and Strumica. Time travel is 3 and a half hours. Price for one way ticket is 480 denars / 7.8 EUR and for two ways ticket is 680 denars / 11 EUR.

Time of departure from Skopje: 06:00, 08:05, 10:00, 12:05, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 19:00, 20: 37.

Note: If you are considering traveling on weekend and holidays please contact the bus station for any changes of the lines.

Travel by train

There is no train line to the city.

Travel with taxi

If you are not comfortable to travel by train or bus, you can always get a taxi. The price in one way is more or less 4300 denars / 70EUR.

We recommended:

ABC Logistica
Mob: +389 78 504 500
Tel: +398 2 6143 900

Go with a car or rent a car

If you'd like to explore the land during your travel to Strumica you can go by car. Distance between Skopje and Strumica is 149 km , the distance between Strumica and Village Gabrovo is 18 km , and from Gabrovo till the Waterfall is more or less 1 km.

For rent a car we recommended:

ABC Logistica
Mob: +389 78 504 500
Tel: +389 2 6143 900

MIDA Rent-a-car
Office 2 (Airport Alexander the Great)
Tel/Fax + 389 22 56 10 10
24 hour service phones
Mob.1: 070 256 433
Mob.2: 071 223 042
Mob.3: 070 366 958