Church St. Holy Trinity

Church "Holy Trinity"

Radovishani can proudly speak and be proud of the new church, which is located in the city center. This magnificent temple is dedicated to the day when we celebrate the Holy Trinity which is the feast of the city. When you first see the church you will be impressed by its size and its external environment that makes a whole that can only be experienced on site.

The cornerstone of the cathedral dedicated to the Holy Trinity Church was laid on 24 April 1997 and the church was consecrated on 12 October 2003 by the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia HH Stefan and all the bishops of the MOC. Founder and financier of this wonderful and magnificent edifice is the businessman Risto Gusterov derived from Radovish.The church was designed in consultation with the best Ukrainian painter, several architects from "Macedonia project" and was built by the construction companies "Mavrovo" and "Pelagonija".

Church "Holy Trinity" after its architectural design and concept belongs to the type of single-nave churches. The church is 21 meters high while the tower is 23.5 meters high. The temple is situated on an area of 550 square meters and set on 4000 square meters.Church not only captivates by its exterior but complete impression one gets when you enter its interior. About the interior that captures its beauty and splendor should be noted that there are elements of all Macedonian Orthodox churches and the churches of Ukraine, Greece and Russia. However the recognizable style consists of classic style and modern church painting.


Translated and edited from: http://opstinaradovis.comule.com/crka.html

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